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This is our little boy Raffy, as you can see he is drop dead gorgeous but he has some very serious difficulties in life.
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Thanks, Bri & Ruth

Sunday 23 May 2010

Thank you to all in Lydiate & Maghull

Well, I hardly know where to start...! Many thanks to all in Lydiate and Maghull who supported my Mum's coffee morning on Saturday 15th May.
First of all to Mum & Dad, Brenda, Ron & Sue, Paul from The Academy for providing first prize (cut and blow dry) and his mum Marion, in no particular order... Pat, Matt & Jayne, Mary & Auntie Cath, Hazel Williams & Julie (my old school mate!), Carole McGowan, Jane Lennon, Kay Harker, Vicki Higginson, Marie Diamond, Maureen Mitchell, Vera, Marilyn & Peter, Brian & Carol.
Maura, Jean Cropper, Irene, Dorothy Manchester, Derek & Maimie, Jean & daughter & sister Ethel, Margaret, Ruby, Peggy & Eric - all from St. Thomas's Church.
Muriel, Michael, Teresa, Betty, Flo, Marie & Betty from the Rosary Group.
Eileen & Harry Doyle & Leslie from St Gregory's Church.
Thank you to Jon & Ann Ashley, Brenda & Margaret Edwards, Les, Alison, Paul & Karen Caldwell, June, Dianne, Lewis, Doreen, Marion, Jean, Auntie Margaret, Helen, Anthony & Jake, Karen, Mike, Tim & Adam,
Alice, Jan & Joan form line dancing, Maureen & Chris, Joan Bailey...
I’m sure there are more people, so thank you to everyone who helped, contributed, bought raffle tickets, named the teddy (!), bought sweets, drank tea, ate biscuits, and thought of our boy Raffy.
A huge £1,218.65 was raised!

I took this photo of the two nippers this week, amazing - they are actually playing together! So glad I caught it on film. Eden is good for Raffy, she really does just muscle in on what he's doing!

I booked the flight last night with Virgin Atlantic £649.97 direct to New York... and then I need to travel on to Massachusetts. I travel on Saturday 12th June so it's not long now. I still have to fill in the Registration form about Raffy's development and diagnosis. We need to start organising setting up the playroom. I will post more about this later. It's been a busy week, not had much time to post. I will need a thyroid operation later this year too, so that is another thing to think about. Social worker visit, a respite visit... a new pre school liaison officer... yes it has been tiring. I will post more on Wednesday fingers crossed, meanwhile a long day at work tomorrow and a hectic day at home for Brian. Cup of tea, washing up, hoover then bed!

Ruth xxxxxxx

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