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This is our little boy Raffy, as you can see he is drop dead gorgeous but he has some very serious difficulties in life.
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Thanks, Bri & Ruth

Monday, 22 November 2010


We took Eden to get a pair of slippers on Saturday. Much needed as she now puts on her wellies in the morning to escape the cold floor! Raffy walked along the high street to Clarks holding Mum's hand and chatting about the sky and the pavement (usual topics if out of doors!) and being so focussed. It was absolutely lovely. He even pointed out two little girls and when we looked inside a cafe said 'Hya' to two total strangers! We didn't stay in the end, far too crowded even for me but Raffy just coped with everything.

I am so proud of him. Little sis is now talking quite a lot and I think this is an added spur to his own speech. I asked Raffy and Eden to give each other a cuddle last week and it was amazing to see them embrace and kiss on the mouth! Eden loved it, she kisses everything in sight some days!

Raffy did 'This little piggy went to market' on Dad all the way through complete with tickling at the end. He is also much less distressed at having his teeth brushed. Instead of both Mum and Dad having to restrain a struggling, screaming boy, it's now a single parent job with some moaning.
However he is back to hating bath time...

We are now registered to go to the Autism Treatment Centre for 12th - 16th December 2011 for Raffy's Intensive. We have a year to raise £7,000.

Many thanks to everyone who supported the Raffy coffee morning in Lydiate. Over £600 was raised. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Pat's Brilliant coffee morning in Lydiate for Raffy

Thank you so much to everyone who helped, donated and came along to the coffee morning at St Gregory's Church in Lydiate. We really, really appreciate it.
Thank you most of all to my wonderful Mum, who had the idea, then prepared everything, spread the word and worked so hard to make it happen. I know it was a huge effort and that it has been absolutely exhausting. Thank you Mum, we love you. Raffy is doing well and that has been made possible by everyone who has supported us.
The grand total is £510 and it will all go towards Raffy's Intensive week at the Autism Treatment Centre in June 2011. Fantastic!!

Individual thanks you's for donations to:
Auntie Cath, Mary, Kay in Scotland, Margaret Roberts, Vera Parker & family, Les & Alison, Mike Hunter, Alice, Min Wakefield, Andy, Tania, Harriet, Pat Mutch, Gladys, Michael, Derek & Maimie Finney, Irene, Auntie Doris & Bill, Pauline Shaw, Brenda & Ron, my lovely sis Karen, Mike, Tim & Adam, Gilda, Delaneys Coffee Shop, Rose.
Thanks and love to Ronni (Langley) for the use of the Social Centre at St. Gregs.
And to all the talented cake-makers: Brenda, Irene, Judy, Vera and Vera.

Helpers (the muscle) on the day: Sis Karen, Brenda, Ron, Raffy's Grandad, Sue, Dianne, Sophie and Jess.

More love to Brenda and Ron for all the extra help and support. And to Brenda for making such beautiful cards and book marks to sell. Gorgeous!

Flo Jameson won the 'Guess Teddy's Name' game! Well done!
Some of the 'Raffy Raffle' winners:
Mike Hunter, Brenda Ibbs, Stan Breckell, Lorna Baxendale, Sue, Barbara Dale, Geraldine, Mike Ashley, Mrs Lee and others! Phew!