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This is our little boy Raffy, as you can see he is drop dead gorgeous but he has some very serious difficulties in life.
Please take a few minutes to read the info and have a browse of the Son-Rise® link.
Thanks, Bri & Ruth

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Louise is skinnying up for Raffy... and a hot wedding!

We have a new announcement! The fabulous Louise has decided to pitch in to help with raising the money to take Raphael to The Autism Treatment Centre of America in June 2011.
A nephews wedding in North Cyprus next May has spurred Louise on to shed the pounds, doing it for Raffy may just be the inspiration she needs!

We will be doing a week by week update of how Louise is getting on...

Our girl is bravely hitting the scales and letting us all follow her progress ounce by ounce. This is going to be exciting, inspiring and I hope you will all help her by Donating for Raffy's treatment program.

Louise weighs 92kg (14st 6lb in old money) and would like to shimmy in to the wedding a serious 2st lighter.

Wednesday will now be a Louise day, it's official. Watch this space! xxxxxxxx

Cathy finished 'Run to the Beat' in 2 hours!

Here we are.... a lovely picture of Cathy running for Raphael on Sunday morning. They started later than planned (because of the dreaded public transport issues) at 10.45am... this is Cathy at 11 miles! Looking rather radiant I would say! What a gal...

Thank you to everyone who has donated already, both through the Donate button here on the blog and directly to Cathy xxxxxxxx

Any amount is helpful, if you can use the Donate button you will be contributing to Raffy's continuing progress into the outside world.
We know he just needs the extra help xxxxx

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Cathy is running to the beat tomorrow/today!!

It's late so I'm not sure whether it's Sunday yet...

I hope you can sponsor Cathy who is running miles tomorrow (13 of them!) to raise money so that Raffy can go to The Autism Treatment Centre in June 2011.

Please have a look at the links:



We are running a Son-Rise Program and this Intensive week will be a fantastic boost to Raphael's development and for all of us as a family.

Cathy's half marathon start time is 9.45am at the O2 in London....

Good luck Cathy!!!! We love you!


Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Running, Sponsoring and Volunteering!

We are counting down the days now until Cathy 'Runs to the Beat' on 26th September!


I hope you can support Raffy by sponsoring Cathy and trying out our 'Donate' button on the right!
We are raising £10,000 to take Raphael to the Autism Treatment Centre in the US in June 2011.


We are also still looking for those special, fun and loving people who can come and volunteer to play with Raffy on our Son-Rise program. Please copy, save and send our new poster out to as many people as you can. We are in the Greater London/West Essex area.
No experience needed, full training given!

Friday, 17 September 2010

Peanut the Elephant gets hair!

Raffy is becoming more adventurous with what he wants to do!

On Wednesday he told me that his elephant hasn't got any hair and and then asked to make some...

He told me to draw some in blue, there should be five curls and that I had to get the scissors and cut them out.

I put sticky tape on them and asked Raffy to put them on Peanut's head. Raffy stuck them all on one by one and then waited while I got the camera and actually posed for a picture!

Now that's real progress! What a wonderful boy! It's all working here! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Raffy is 4!

Raffy had his 4th birthday yesterday and managed to eat a lot of very sticky chocolate cake... he was a bit scared of his new extra large octopus... but these relationships take time to nurture. Early days!

We are now officially fund raising to take Raffy over to Massachusetts in June 2011 for the Son-Rise Intensive week! We got the maximum scholarship of $8,400 off - thank you to Jan-Marie and everyone at the Option Institute for helping us out!

We are raising $10,000 (US dollars) plus air fares! Very, very exciting... we have a donate button here on the blog so please think about donating any amount to help us with Raffy's program.

Many thanks to my Auntie Doris, Jenny Carminada, Mary Troy, Shahla Patterson, Nana & Grandad for the brilliant donations!

Also our heartfelt thanks to our own Cathy Saiz for 'Running to the Beat' on Sunday 26th September. This is a London half marathon - only 13 days to go!

Fantastic! I know Cathy has trained hard for this. I hope lots of people will help to motivate her to cross the line by giving whatever amount is possible for Raffy. Yay!

Much love xxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, 10 September 2010

Bill & Ben the flowerpot men!!!

Decided to unleash the small fry in the garden last night for an hour before bed.
They managed to get hold of a bunch of flower pots! I was talking to my Auntie Doris on the phone and managed to get some photos....! Here they are...

They were taking turns putting them on each other and swapping them! Brilliant!

This is the start of a beautiful relationship. Raffy is so gentle with Eden, and Eden is the perfect mini volunteer! She joins, she challenges him and loves him unconditionally (Raffy's Mum) xxxx

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Raffy, our gorgeous beardy boy!

Raffy loves making himself into a pussycat these days... with felt tip... and he does get a bit carried away when drawing the whiskers! This picture was taken yesterday and he still looked a bit bearded this morning after a lot of scrubbing...
Raffy is kissing Eden these days (with prompts!) and it's wonderful to see him becoming more and more aware of her.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Cathy Saiz is running for Raffy!

We are now fund raising to get Raffy over to Massachusetts in the US for a week long intensive Son-Rise course! We are finalising the date next week. It's very, very exciting and also nerve racking... we need to raise some serious funds, we will find out next week the exact amount.

We have been given the chance of a big scholarship which could potentially shave the fee down from $18,400 to $10,000.

Cathy is gearing up for the London Run to the Beat half marathon on Sunday 26th September.
The course begins and ends at the O2 in London.

This is a fantastic start to getting to our target! Please support Cathy on 26th September by donating directly or using our Donate button next to this blog.

Thanks to Caro Hall, Kate Hanrahan, Margaret & Tom Rainford & Neil Barnes whose donations have started us off.

Also to Ronni at St Gregory's church in Lydiate and my loyal Mum & Dad who are planning on more events for Raffy this Autumn.

Raffy Update!

Raffy is doing really well, his eye contact is improving incrementally every day. He is playing with his little sister more and was tickling her tummy and under her chin yesterday morning! We are doing approx 2 hours a day in the playroom and would love to be able to do more.

We still need our first volunteer!

However the biggest difference is our attitude of love and acceptance for ourselves and Raffy. This is the most important part of helping Raffy.

He's a dynamite little lad with a huge capacity for fun and mischief. He is a gift to our family. He is expanding the people we are, helping us live in the moment and really be true to ourselves and others.

Go Raffy, go Cathy. Thank you to everyone reading this and I hope you can help in any way possible, Ruth & Bri xxxxxxxxxx