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This is our little boy Raffy, as you can see he is drop dead gorgeous but he has some very serious difficulties in life.
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Thanks, Bri & Ruth

Saturday 22 January 2011

Two Rays of Winter Sunshine!

The two terrors were out playing in the first sunny afternoon this year. Both are sporting new knitted jumpers fresh out of a parcel from Nanna. Ta Mum!

Raffy has helpfully started translating his sisters requests... I am amazed!
Small girl: 'Mummy, antisserson!' repeat several times with increasing frustration...
Finally Raffy pipes up: (sigh) 'Eden wants whiskers.'

We are also pretty excited here because Raffy is now ready for extra play with other people.
3 fantastic volunteers have started training to become Raffy's Son-Rise Program team.

It is truly wonderful to see our gorgeous boy now ready to progress and learn more connection and social skills. I'm hoping to start putting some playroom pictures up here soon! x

Friday 14 January 2011

Xmas and beyond!

Raffy had an absolutely amazing Christmas! It's the first time he has ever unwrapped presents and he opened all his parcels from Santa with minimal help from Mum (maybe a bit when the elves used a bit too much sticky tape and posh paper) on the big day. Nanna and Grandad were over for almost 5 days so he was also coping with an audience!

I was impressed with the fact Raffy coped so well with having grandparents with us all day until bedtime (who he doesn't see much of as they live so far away). Many ASC kids have a really hard time with this sort of disruption to normal services!

We (R's Mum and Dad) had to do an extra emergency shop on Xmas eve and we fully intended to leave small neuro-typical sis with grandparents and take our obviously more challenging boy with us. Boy didn't want to put shoes on and mini girl decided to cling on to Mum like a limpet... So our boy stayed home. Shopping was 'busy' so it all took longer than expected.

I actually ran in to the house when we arrived back, wondering whether anyone had survived! Raffy was absolutely fine. He'd been reading books with Nanna, they'd all had a tea party (Raffy style) in his room and Grandad had been 'joining' in a pretend guinea pig game and eating pretend nuts. Wonderful.

Raffy has had another developmental shift and his speech is really coming along. He answered his first 'why' question just before New Year which literally left me without speech (!). I do ask him quite advanced questions and I really don't mind if I only get silence back or something connected to his current craze. Fortunately his dad was in the room to hear his answer too, otherwise I think I would have doubted it happening!

The picture is of Raffy instantly kissing his new octopus from Nanna and Grandad on Xmas morning and for the first time naming a toy - meet Tiny Thomas Octopus!!!