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This is our little boy Raffy, as you can see he is drop dead gorgeous but he has some very serious difficulties in life.
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Thanks, Bri & Ruth

Friday 13 August 2010

Playroom games!

We have started to use the face paint in the playroom... Raffy asked to play the 'new game' again today. He likes being a cat with Mum. Apparently cats have blue eyebrows and as well as saying meow, they also squeak... we did a bit of prowling too!

It's just really amazing to see Raffy saying meow and crawling round the playroom being a cat!

Then Raffy got on my back and said 'having a ride on mummy pussycat'! Brilliant!

Thursday 5 August 2010

Playroom & Volunteer flyer!

The playroom is almost completely finished.

Walls are painted, flooring laid, shelves up, mirror wardrobes constructed! We need the second camera up, another shelf, to get rid of the curtains and buy a couple of blinds... have a look at the result!

It was initially difficult to get Raffy in there, there was a fair amount of 'want to go downstairs'... cue crying & tantrums. However as recommended by the Son-Rise we stuck with it and he is now really enjoying it!
In fact we have some definite good stuff happening in there!

Raffy is now asking to go in to the playroom and holding my hand to go in. He sang a whole verse of '5 little ducks' by himself and was actually trying to guess the next rhyming object on the new card matching game... !
He is also chatting more and seems a little bit more connected...
We are very, very pleased...

This is all when we are only managing to fit in an hour or 2 here & there. We will have to work up to a fuller program. Plus small sister has to be in there as well mostly.... we need babysitters as well as volunteers!

The funny faces on the mirrors and opposite walls were after a 'silly face' game, adapted from the 'Play to Grow' book, alongside some home-made badges... that was a very successful afternoon!

We have been very busy here... I managed to get a volunteer flyer together, finished last night rather late. All suggestions appreciated! And of course feel free to print some and pass the word. Remember we are on the Greater London/Essex border!!!

Our 'donate' button is back up! Maybe someone could test it out with an experimental fiver or 2? ;) x

We are now working towards getting Brian on the Son-Rise, so we are better focussed as a family and can work more effectively with Raffy. There is a UK version in January 2011 which we are aiming for. Also the 2nd part of the Son-Rise is called 'Maximum Impact' and I have been offered a preliminary place in April 2011. We will need about £3,000 to do all of this!

We are brainstorming fund-raising ideas at the moment, all suggestions will be keenly considered!

Thanks everyone! Love Raffy's Mum & Dad xxxxxxx