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Wednesday 29 September 2010

Louise is skinnying up for Raffy... and a hot wedding!

We have a new announcement! The fabulous Louise has decided to pitch in to help with raising the money to take Raphael to The Autism Treatment Centre of America in June 2011.
A nephews wedding in North Cyprus next May has spurred Louise on to shed the pounds, doing it for Raffy may just be the inspiration she needs!

We will be doing a week by week update of how Louise is getting on...

Our girl is bravely hitting the scales and letting us all follow her progress ounce by ounce. This is going to be exciting, inspiring and I hope you will all help her by Donating for Raffy's treatment program.

Louise weighs 92kg (14st 6lb in old money) and would like to shimmy in to the wedding a serious 2st lighter.

Wednesday will now be a Louise day, it's official. Watch this space! xxxxxxxx

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