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This is our little boy Raffy, as you can see he is drop dead gorgeous but he has some very serious difficulties in life.
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Thanks, Bri & Ruth

Friday 28 May 2010

Cycling in the Lakes, Summer down our way and other news...

Raffy and Eden were following me around the garden today which involved pulling things off the washing line (Eden) and hurling my door keys into the undergrowth (Raffy - yes the weeding needs some attention...).

Dom and Dom have completed their marathon cycle for Raffy. Brilliant. well done boys (still waiting for some photographs, hint, hint). I hope all their lovely family and friends are going to support their efforts and instead of treating them to a lemonade and cake, giving a fiver to the Raffy cause!

We have taken the 'Donate' button off the website because Paypal have frozen our account!! This means it is still accepting money (what a surprise) but we can't transfer/withdraw funds or close the account. All because they are refusing to accept we are not a charity or an organisation, just a family trying to make it simpler for our relatives and friends to support us... Not sure what to do next as they are refusing to answer our emails apart from their electronically generated blah blah. Any suggestions are more than welcome on this matter. Please use the comment box. So we are back to the cheque or cash scenario for donations, thanks everyone!

Speaking of thanks, I have more thank yous for Judith's Auntie Rita & cousin Angela, Mary & Mick Shaw, Lud & Sian, the ladies at my Mum's school reunion and Auntie Doris (for another gorgeous hand knit for Eden!). Much, much appreciated xxx more than you can know really.

We are still filling in the registration document for Raffy's Son-Rise Program. This is quite a hefty on-line form which is all about our boy's development and needs. Not long now until I go state-side for the training. Nervous and excited.

Raffy spoke to another mini human at playschool yesterday... apparently there was no eye contact, but words were swapped! Who knows what nuggets of intelligence passed between them! But we are very, very pleased. I think Raffy is really wanting to push outwards. I can't wait to start the Son-Rise with him! xxxxxxxxxxx

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