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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Weekly Intention

Every week we have a new Intention which helps us focus on the core attitudes of the Son-Rise Program. This is alongside Raffy's goals which come from the four areas of development - eye contact/non verbal communication, verbal communication, flexibility and interactive attention span.

The Intention and how we interpret it can be used to help us in the playroom and outside of it.

This week the intention is Awareness.
We bring our awareness to Raffy and think about how perfect he is now and how brilliantly he is doing. This can help us celebrate all the great eye contact, language and interaction he is showing us in the playroom.
We celebrate Raffy very literally by telling him and cheering him on. "Thank you for telling me which game you want to play, Raffy! I love it when you look at my eyes and tell me what you want! Yay!"

Profound respect is at the heart of a Son-Rise Program and we practice showing and telling Raffy exactly how we appreciate all the extra effort he puts in to interact with us. It can seem difficult and unnatural at first but it becomes easier and feels very beautiful and joyful.
We are aware of ourselves and how we can help him achieve so much just by being mentally and emotionally present and fully aware of him. This helps us celebrate ourselves in the playroom and feel energised, excited and enthusiastic.

Being aware of Raffy can help us be present and also listen closely to the things he is saying and more alert to his body language and how we can 'join' him in his insular activities.
'Joining' is the key to bonding and building a bridge in to Raffy's inner world.
We join him when he is involved in his repetitive activities and interests that soothe and reassure him.
It is the ultimate way of loving Raffy and showing him that he is respected and accepted.

Outside the playroom we can use the intention to experience our lives in the present. We can see it as a way of being less judgmental of other people. Being aware that we are master of our own emotions, that other people are always doing the best they can. This awareness can bring us more serenity and enjoyment of our lives. Being aware of the sun on our skin. Being aware and appreciative of being amongst people who care about us etc etc.
Having an intention each week can be a very powerful aid to living a happy and loving life.

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