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Thursday 24 November 2011

Amazing fundraising news!

What a great night was had on Sunday 6th November! Thank you so much to everyone who came, donated, drank, danced, sang, bid, bought art, got a Raffy t-shirt, had fun!
We raised over £3,000 in the end and all the art was bought!
43 lots were bid for and won on the night, it was very, very exciting.

An over large thank you to Bernie at The Rhythm Factory for hosting the event and Jimmy for organising all the venue details.

Thank you to all the artists/makers who donated work... DJ Simpson, Rufus Dayglo, Jules Smith, Linda Hills, Ludovik Boden, Natasha Gomperts,  Nina Miranda, Dominic Wright, Jennie Pedley, Sam Collins, Vic Palastanga, Brooke McHenry Gottdenker, Hannah Montag, Omri Stephenson, Adrian Senior, Mushtaq Hussain, Matt Webber, Agata Lulkowska, Richard Perryman, Louise Heller and last but not least Damien Hirst!

And to all the bands, DJ's and singers... Archean Soundtrack, The Merry Few, The Three Belles, Paul Ramjac, Ezra, Jess, Isla, Dash, Rory, Nat, Yaz... you made it a really unique evening.
Also a shout out to Binnsy our inestimable compere for the night and Yaz for heading up the t-shirt sales!

Last but not least a huge loving thank you to all of Raffy's Son-Rise team who really pulled out all of the stops to make the night a success.... Phoebe, Yaz, Rory, Nat, Adam, Rikke, Jake, Binns and Annie xxxxxxx

Hoping for more photos from the night... but here are three including the art gang gearing up for some auctioneering to a bit of Blur (wearing the t-shirts Raffy designed!), Raffy's Dad hanging some art work and Nat singing!
Thanks to Bri, Chop & Hannah for helping set up the art.

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