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This is our little boy Raffy, as you can see he is drop dead gorgeous but he has some very serious difficulties in life.
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Monday 30 May 2011

Raffy Progress report!

We are looking to expand our small but brilliant volunteer team for Raffy's Son-Rise Program.

Our boy is progressing in all areas!
Raffy is...
Starting to have small conversations around his favourite topic - such as insects especially ladybirds, shapes, helicopters, octopi and cats!
Pretending to change in to imaginary creatures!
Using more gestures and facial expressions!
Riding a push-a-long-trike to go on adventures!
Doing more drawing!

If you live in the London/West Essex area please spread the word about joining Raffy's Team.

We are offering full FREE training with the Son-Rise program - a home based, child centred therapy.

We are looking for energetic, creative and loving volunteers to play 1:1 with Raphael (age 4) who is on the Autistic Spectrum in his custom fitted playroom.

This is a fantastic and unique opportunity to make a life-changing difference in a little boy’s future! Are you ready to be more giving, more accepting and creative?

Raphael is a wonderful happy boy who is verbal and becoming more connected and socially interactive.

We have a small team already in place and you will be doing 2x 2 hour sessions when fully trained (4 hours each week) and attending our fun goal setting team meeting every 2 weeks.

We pay towards travel and provide food at the team meetings.

A 6 month minimum commitment is needed so a consistent bond can be created with Raphael.

A professional reference is available from the non-profit organisation ASD Climbers if the 6 months are completed successfully.

Contact r_breckell@hotmail.com for an application form

Thank you! xxxxx

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