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This is our little boy Raffy, as you can see he is drop dead gorgeous but he has some very serious difficulties in life.
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Tuesday 24 November 2020

Raffy is age 14 and growing!

I haven't updated this blog for over a year and it's amazing to see how much Raffy has grown up. He is now a teen and experimenting with taking selfies and becoming more independent.

All the photographs above were taken by Raffy himself. He is definitely getting in to the swing of finding his own identity :)
Sadly, Raffy's beloved Anderson School closed permanently in April 2020 and without a suitable replacement, he remains at home. 

He enjoyed lockdown even though his mum continues to have health and mobility issues. 
Raffy has been a star and become gradually more confident with helping around the house and having a go at cooking. He really is the sweetest person to have around!

See Puss in boots below!

Raffy wearing his beloved cat onesie and a pair of boots! 
These are relatively new and fantastic developments 😸😺😻. As we approached Halloween, Raffy suddenly declared that he wanted to dress up for the first time and go out! Poor Raffy, the only year we couldn't go out for trick and treat due to Covid 19 restrictions!

He'd decided spontaneously that he wanted to be a cat! We found him an adult sized outfit online (he's around 5'4.5 now..) and ordered. Meanwhile he asked to look at some boots to wear, GASP! Raffy has been increasingly managing to wear sandals when outside but socks and shoes have always been too far out of his comfort zone. He chose a pair of size 6UK boots (he let us measure his feet!), and we ordered...

This was the big night, he wore his new star socks and boots and went out with little sis to see the neighbourhood pumpkins!
Since that night he has consented to go to the park and for walks wearing his onesie and boots. He still won't wear a coat but is pretty excited to be out in winter and relatively wrapped up warm and cosy, bounding around energetically and doing a bit of feline climbing!
This is the first time in 8 years he has been able to be ouside in the cold of winter time. We are so proud and happy for him. We all still had a great Halloween with a film night and gluten free spooky treats of our own.. πŸ‘»

So Raffy continues to shine and grow. We love him so much! He's asked if I can post another update at Christmas time so please watch this space. He's made a wish list...

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