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Friday 24 May 2013

Cuddles and Snuggles

For a long time Raffy refused to acknowledge his little sister's existence.

When he first started to say words he would not say her name.
Later he would move past her without looking and would ignore any attempts at connection or play.

However, she would persistently copy whatever repetitive activity he was involved in, diligently finding toys that were similar and then moving in the same way.
She would follow at a safe distance and make the same noises...
'Joining' as the Son-Rise Program would call it!
We used to joke that she was his first Son-Rise volunteer!

In the last few months Raffy has gone from pushing his sister away and shouting at her when she was too close to playing with her for short periods of time.

They play hide and seek and form a small gang fighting and conquering invisible monsters. The latest news in their growing relationship is snuggling and cuddling. Raffy pretends she is a toy teddy bear and they embrace and cuddle up! Here are the pictures..

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