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Tuesday 23 August 2011

Outreach excitement!

We had the most amazing outreach with Gerd Winkler a Son-Rise teacher last week.
All Raffy's volunteers made the extra effort to come along for some or all of the 2 day outreach.
Most of us did mini sessions in the room with Raffy and then had feedback and in my case feedback about my feedback!
It was hugely empowering and unifying for us all.
The other great news is that Raffy has progressed even further than we were daring to believe. He is much more interactive and for longer periods of time.
We are now building more frequently when Raffy gives us green-lights (connections with his eyes, speech and body). It is making for much more energised and silly playroom sessions!
Raffy's sister was entertained by Inga, Jack, Becky and 4 year old Izzy for periods of the outreach... both kids had a marvellous experience!
Here are some photos of Raffy from before the outreach, a group meeting and prep for a session....

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