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Friday, 25 September 2015

Next step... Outreach in April 2016... Help needed!

I have a firm belief that Raffy can go the full distance with his development.

When I say that, I mean while retaining all his amazing unique perspectives and deep interests I believe he can become fully comfortable in our physical world, confident in himself and typically sociable with others.

When I look back at how far he has travelled and the challenges he has overcome (some of them life threatening), then I know when motivated he has the intelligence and tenacity to create a fully independent life filled with great experiences and happiness.

With all this in mind I have booked another Outreach with Son-Rise teacher, Gerd Winkler for April 2016 when he is over in Europe for his twice yearly tour. This time the cost converts to just over £3000 ($4650 - US dollars).

We have had two previous outreaches with Gerd - in August 2011 and April 2014. Both were invaluable. We are still paying off the one from 18 months ago. We know we need help with this one.

We pour everything we have in to helping Raffy with our time, money and expertise because we are the ones who believe in him and know him best. We have tried the the conventional routes, going through professionals and traditional schooling but their expectations are always low and their goals to do with fitting in and conformity. They inhibit rather than help and we have witnessed either a plateauing of development or outright regression. The Son-Rise model fits with our beliefs and the way we want to live as a family.

With all this in mind we have decided to fund raise to help with the costs of the next Outreach in April. Our goal is £3,000 and we have a few ideas in the pipeline.

We will be setting up a Just Giving page and organising some events. I do hope you can share this information and if it strikes a chord, donate any amount at all. It is all useful.

Many thanks for reading. 
I will be posting up a Donate button and link to the Just Giving page in the next few days. X

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