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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Elyse, our SR volunteer

Elyse is our most recent Son-Rise volunteer. She has been working with Raffy since June this year. She is so enthusiastic and loving, it is wonderful having her as the latest member of Team Raffy.

She is very keen, creative and enthusiastic. Raffy has found a true friend. It is an honour for me to be able to contribute to her training with my own knowledge and experience.

Raffy is a delight to play with in so many ways, he is very adept at creating his own simple games and has an impish, imaginative sense of fun. He can also be rigid in his thinking and challenging in the playroom. I have seen Elyse really grow herself and her Son-Rise attitude in the last few months. This enables Raffy to grow too in a deep and permanent way. Elyse is in the UK until December and then she returns to her native Canada. We will miss her!

Elyse is also looking at training to become a certified Son-Rise Child Facilitator in the future and I really think she would be perfect. She would move to Sheffield Massachusetts USA. Lots of love to you , Elyse!

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