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This is our little boy Raffy, as you can see he is drop dead gorgeous but he has some very serious difficulties in life.
Please take a few minutes to read the info and have a browse of the Son-Rise® link.
Thanks, Bri & Ruth

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

This is the munchkin who, with your help, will get to go on the Son-Rise® autism programme. It could make a massive difference to his life. This is the start of a huge fund raising journey for Raffy's parents. I'd love to start them off with your help. If my knees hold out I intend to run/walk/crawl the 26.2 miles of Brighton's first marathon on April 18th. If you could possibly sponsor me I would love you forever. Please become a 'fan' of Raffy and I will keep you updated on how to go about it and I promise to post photos of my 'run' so you get to laugh at me as much as you like. Lets see if we can make it happen.

Nykki Irvin x


  1. Ok, I know I'm dumb, but I can't work out how to donate. I tried the paypal link. Can someone help?

  2. Hi Rachel!

    Laurie has just sorted us out with a Donate button. Loads easier now. Please have another look - click it and hey presto! You can give via credi/debit card or Paypal.

    Thanks for being our first follower! Thanks for thinking of us! Ruth xxxx