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This is our little boy Raffy, as you can see he is drop dead gorgeous but he has some very serious difficulties in life.
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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Raffy's 6 month developmental check

Raffy's appointment was almost a total disaster. Double booked with another child. Had to see someone else who told us she was familiar with Raffy's case. Then obviously hadn't read his notes because she kept asking if he was eating meat 'no' and then asking does he eat chicken 'no' and fretting about a lack of protein. This is the boy who couldn't chew 6 months ago! And of course she had no idea about the drinking. Raffy ignored her completely. Then our regular consultant came in to tell us he wasn't going to refer us to GOS because we may as well see the health centre resident psychologist as the advice would be the same... We insisted the referral to GOS go ahead and listed our reasons why. He is hopefully being referred now. A real battle. Exhausting. The good news is we are registered on the Son-Rise Program® now.. which is scary because we need to raise the funds, but also brilliant because this really will help with all his problems.

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