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Friday, 30 April 2010

Not Now and lots of thanks

Thank you to everyone that came to the private view on Wednesday night. Lots of people arrived, looked, drank vino, ate cake, saw performances and film. I had a very nice time and the knitting seemed to go down well. My mum and dad babysat with only one small episode later on. No one was hospitalised so we saw it as a huge success!
Phew. Just now feeling absolutely shattered. The show is open until Sunday 9th May so if you are in London, please have a mooch over to Highgate Hill and have a look. Waterlow Park is lovely and there's a cafe in Lauderdale House (apart from Mondays).
Raffy & Eden enjoyed seeing Nanna and Grandad. Raffy coped very well with having other people around all day and in his own particular way was quite sociable. He even followed Nanna out in to the garden on Wednesday to talk shapes!

Had some brilliant donations as well from Judith & Andy, Caro, Kate, Vera, Mal & Gill, Les & Alison, Tim & Adam, Nanna & Grandad, Lesley, Karen & Mike, Auntie Doris & Bill, Sharon & Mia, Juliet & friends (again), Rebecca and Louise.... thank you all so much, we love you xxxxx

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