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This is our little boy Raffy, as you can see he is drop dead gorgeous but he has some very serious difficulties in life.
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Sunday, 5 September 2010

Cathy Saiz is running for Raffy!

We are now fund raising to get Raffy over to Massachusetts in the US for a week long intensive Son-Rise course! We are finalising the date next week. It's very, very exciting and also nerve racking... we need to raise some serious funds, we will find out next week the exact amount.

We have been given the chance of a big scholarship which could potentially shave the fee down from $18,400 to $10,000.

Cathy is gearing up for the London Run to the Beat half marathon on Sunday 26th September.
The course begins and ends at the O2 in London.

This is a fantastic start to getting to our target! Please support Cathy on 26th September by donating directly or using our Donate button next to this blog.

Thanks to Caro Hall, Kate Hanrahan, Margaret & Tom Rainford & Neil Barnes whose donations have started us off.

Also to Ronni at St Gregory's church in Lydiate and my loyal Mum & Dad who are planning on more events for Raffy this Autumn.

Raffy Update!

Raffy is doing really well, his eye contact is improving incrementally every day. He is playing with his little sister more and was tickling her tummy and under her chin yesterday morning! We are doing approx 2 hours a day in the playroom and would love to be able to do more.

We still need our first volunteer!

However the biggest difference is our attitude of love and acceptance for ourselves and Raffy. This is the most important part of helping Raffy.

He's a dynamite little lad with a huge capacity for fun and mischief. He is a gift to our family. He is expanding the people we are, helping us live in the moment and really be true to ourselves and others.

Go Raffy, go Cathy. Thank you to everyone reading this and I hope you can help in any way possible, Ruth & Bri xxxxxxxxxx

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